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Supporting and training young footballers in Worcestershire.

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Our Teams

Meet the Managers and their Teams

Peter Manion

Club Manager
Our Club has teams from the Under 5’s up-to the Under 18’s. We have matches and fixtures weekly. We give the kids the opportunity to train on Saturdays and after school weekdays dependent on which team they are in.
See our list below of Teams in the Club  – If you wish for your child to apply, please get in touch with us – Many thanks Pete
Pete Manion

Club Teams & Contact Info

Spitalfield & Hanley Non League Development Squads

Rec, under 5's and under 6's Group

Managed by Oliver Lewis

Contact Oli on 07807 897990

Under 7's Group

Managed by Pavings Bridges

Contact Pav on 07724 541188

Under 8's Group

Managed by Gemma Leah

Contact Gemma 07795 173140

Under 9-10-11-12-13-14 Development

Managed by Merv Howells

Contact Merv 07870 774571

Wildcats Girls Development 5-11yrs

Managed by Jodie Williams

Contact Jodie 07795 251417

11-a-side Youth Team Welland Junior FC

Under 13's Colts

Managed by Scott Mason

Contact Scott 07872 597269

Under 13's Lions

Managed by Dan Pallett

Contact Dan 07718 316269

Under 14's Colts

Managed by Steve Morgan

Contact Steve 07497 555391

Under 14's Lions

Managed by Nick Rawlings

Contact Nick 07815 187042

Under 15's

Managed by Dave Newton

Contact Dave 07860 940022

11-a-side Youth Team Welland Junior FC

Under 16's Colts

Managed by Paul Cope

Contact Paul 07496 562 935

Under 16's Lions

Managed by Richard Davies

Contact Richard 07974 443932

Under 18's

Managed by Richard Oakley

Contact Richard 07988 521948

Under 14's Girls

Managed by Mark Taylor

Contact Mark 07850 221095

Under 16's Girls

Managed by Sean Winstone

Contact Sean 07888 837135

9-a-side Youth Team Welland Junior FC

Under 11's

Managed by Nick Redding

Contact Nick 07899 941426

Under 12's Colts

Managed by Jenny Clement
Contact 07913 994426

Under 12's Lions

Managed by Nick Blakeway
Contact Nick 07795 505443

Under 12's Girls

Managed by Sarah Brett

Contact Sarah 07843 572525

7-a-side Mini Soccer

Under 9's Boys

Managed by Chris Watling
Contact Chris 07850 376065

Under 10's Girls

Manager Jodie Williams
Contact Jodie 07795 251417

Under 10's Colts

Managed by Kirsten Maunder
Contact Kirsten 07769 596872

Under 10's Lions

Managed by Adam Soley
Contact Adam 07939 615509

Welland Adult Teams

Welland Ladies

Managed by Trudy Edwards
Contact Trudy 07772 470402

Welland Mens First Team

Managed by Mark Taylor
Contact Mark 07850 221095

Welland Mens Reserve

Managed by Simon Barnett
Contact Simon 07713 593599

The Committee

Pete Manion
Peter Manion
Club Chairperson
Jodie Williams
Club Secretary
Vice Chairperson
Stephen Corr
Anne Simons
PR Manager
Gemma Dewson
Website Manager