Welland Junior Football Club

Supporting and training young footballers in Worcestershire.

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    Peter Manion

    Club Manager
    Our Club has teams from the Under 5’s up-to the Under 18’s. We have matches and fixtures weekly. We give the kids the opportunity to train on Saturdays and after school weekdays dependent on which team they are in.
    See our list below of Teams in the Club  – If you wish for your child to apply, please get in touch with us – Many thanks Pete
    Pete Manion

    Club Teams & Contact Info

    Spitalfield & Hanley Non League Development Squads

    Rec, under 5's and under 6's Group

    Managed by Gemma Leah

    Contact 07795 173140

    Under 7's & Under 8's Group

    Managed by Gemma Leah

    Contact 07795 173140

    Under 9-10-11 Development

    Managed by Gemma Leah

    Contact 07795 173140

    Under 12-13-14 Development

    Managed by Merv Howells

    Contact Merv 07870 774571

    Mini Soccer Boys<br /> 5-a-side

    Under 8 Colts

    Managed by Sarah Townsend

    Contact 07725 346351

    Under 8 Lions

    Managed by Mike Hughes

    Contact 07590 037873


    Under 9 Colts

    Managed by Jason Preswick

    Contact 07748 701421

    Under 9 Lions

    Managed by Micheal Johnson

    Contact Micheal 07811402604


    Under 10 Lions

    Managed by Dave Smith

    Contact 07483858104

    Under 10 Colts

    Managed by Mark Hammond

    Call Mark on 07740 300703

    Email mark.colts2021@gmail.com

    Under 10 Tigers

    Managed by Ellie Burks

    Contact Ellie 07799661176

    9v9 Boys

    Under 11's Colts

    Managed by Jason Bodfish

    Contact 07852 9404444

    Under 11's Lions

    Managed by Dean Cale

    Contact 07976 570838

    Under 11's Tigers

    Managed by Stuart Dell

    Contact 07932 225256

    Under 12's Lions

    Managed by Ross Buxton
    Contact Ross 07736 733533

    Under 12's Colts

    Managed by Chris Wilson
    Contact Chris 07983886837

    11-a-side Youth Team Welland Junior FC

    Under 16's Colts

    Managed by David Law

    Contact David 07794334646

    Under 16's Lions

    Managed by Craig Kitchener

    Contact Craig 07815109386

    Under 17's Lions

    Managed by TBC

    Under 17's Colts

    Managed by Scott Mason

    Contact Scott 07872597269

    Under 18's Lions

    Managed by Nic Rawlings

    Contact Scott 07872597269

    Under 18's

    Manager David Newton
    Contact David 07860940022

    Girl's Teams

    Wildcats Girls Development 5-11yrs

    Managed by Jodie Williams

    Contact Jodie 07795 251417

    Under 9 Girls

    Managed by Adrian Hanson

    Call 07525754683

    Under 11 Girls

    Managed by Kate Alison

    Call 07966017788

    Under 13 Girls

    Manager Martin Kay

    Call 07764347124

    Under 15 Girls

    Manager Libbie Cash / Sarah Brett
    Contact 07449507209

    Under 16's - 11-a-side

    Manager Jodie Williams
    Contact Jodie 07795 251417

    11 a-side Boys

    Under 13's Lions

    Managed by Guy (Salter)
    Contact 07734 330364

    Under 13's Colts

    Managed by Greg Innes

    Contact 07841 768048

    Under 14's Colts

    Managed by Alex Lineham

    Contact 07725 346351

    Under 14's Lions

    Managed by Aldino
    Contact Aldino 07578871808

    Under 15's

    Managed by Nick Redding

    Contact Nick 07899 941426

    Welland Adult Teams

    Welland Ladies

    Managed by Adam Soley
    Contact Adam 07939 615509

    Welland Mens First Team

    Managed by Oliver Lewis
    Contact Ollie: 07807897990

    Welland Mens Reserve

    Managed by Oliver Lewis
    Contact Ollie: 07807897990

    The Committee

    Pete Manion
    Peter Manion
    Club Chairperson
    Jodie Williams
    Jodie Williams
    Vice Chair / Female Football Co-ordinator
    Scott Mason
    Scott Mason
    Sarah Carlisle
    Finance Manager
    Ellie Birks Club Welfare Officer

    Ellie Birks

    Child Welfare Officer
    Diane Baker
    Diane Baker
    Hayley Samuel
    Club Secretary
    Gordon Algeo
    Gordon Algeo
    Club President
    Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis
    Dave Golding
    Dave Golding
    Senior Manager Ambassadors League
    Ross Buxton
    Upton Facilities co-ordinator and Trainee Child Welfare Officer
    Jackie Smith
    Jackie Smith
    Registration Secretary / Administrator - League
    Liam Pickering
    Liam Pickering
    Assistant Club Secretary
    Gemma Leah
    Junior Development Manager - Spitalfield
    Simon Barnett
    Simon Barnett
    Committee Member
    Mark Hammond
    Player Registration Officer (Mini Soccer)
    Emzie Photography
    Emily Baker
    Club Photographer
    Gemma Dewson
    Gemma Dewson
    IT Support / Website Manager / Sponsorship