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    New Training Regulations


    Club Covid Updates & Saturday Morning Development Training Restart! 

    We are delighted to announce that Saturday Morning Development Football (non-league training) at Spitalfield, Welland, WR13 6NE, will commence this Saturday 12th September 2020, 9am until 10.30am.

    We will be following strict guidelines set by the Government and Football Association over recent months and have already been undertaking the extensive task of preparing for the resumption of football training for all our junior league teams and adult football.

    ! Please kindly read through the below information to ensure you and your child are prepared and understand our new guidelines and requirements. 

    FA Guidelines & Club Covid Notices

    We have attached an FA summary document above, that we highly recommend you and your child to read through, before attending on Saturdays.  We also have provided further FA documentation on our club website which we encourage you to please read through, including specific guidance for parents/carers: https://wellandjuniorfc.org.uk/new-training-guidelines/

    At this initial stage, to encourage social distancing, and to minimise numbers at Spitalfield, we are asking that only ONE parent/guardian accompanies their child/children and MUST remain present at the venue for the duration of the session every week in case First Aid treatment for your child is needed.  If there are exceptional circumstances where this is not possible then you MUST notify your child’s coach before you leave. This requirement is in place to comply with FA guidelines of current basic first aid treatment but also to help safeguard our own volunteer coaches and club officials.   

    Toilets at the Pavilion will be cleaned regularly and available for player and parent access during the session, changing rooms will NOT be accessible and we ask that no-one is to enter the pavilion building unless using toilet facilities.

    Please remember to socially distance once you are at Spitalfield. Most Saturday mornings following development training there will be a 11aside league match taking place on the pitch, plus mini soccer fixtures on the Rec playing field (Welland Park) over the road, so we would like to remind you to practice social distancing and to ensure you vacate the facility safely but as soon as possible to minimise the amount of ‘traffic’ or any congregation of players and parents by the pavilion building or pitch. There will be signs to help the One-Way system we will have to facilitate socially distant entrance / exits during the busy periods. There will also be hand sanitiser available with all team coaches kit boxes plus a hand sanitizer ‘station’ near the pavilion building. Club officials will give a briefing prior to sessions starting for the next few weeks whilst everyone settle into our new routines, so please can parents make themselves available for this when arriving with you child.

    We have taken lots of steps to ensure your child’s safety following Government and FA guidelines including completing extensive risk assessments for our Club training venues and purchasing sanitising equipment for players and kit. Coaches and club officials will deliver briefings at the start of each session to explain and remind all players (and parents) of the requirements to stay safe and avoid excess physical contact and sharing of equipment where possible with other players. As our Saturday morning groups are based upon age bandings this will help minimise contact with other players during the sessions and allow the coaches to form ‘working groups’ where attendance numbers allow.

    Coaches will be taking registers at the start of each session to ensure that, if any of the children report to us that they are feeling unwell following the session, we can report our own track and trace process where it be required. Therefore, if you and your child are late for any reasons to a session please make sure the coaches have been advised so they can add your child to their register.  

    Please be vigilant with checking for any symptoms you or anyone in your household might prior to attending training sessions. Further guidance documents are on our website: https://wellandjuniorfc.org.uk/new-training-guidelines/

    Any updates regarding cancellation of training sessions or urgent Covid updates will be posted on our club website before or by 8.30am on the morning of training.  

    Club Registration

    If at all possible, we would encourage parents to download a registration form from the Internet and complete it before arrival at Welland. This will ensure as little contact with Club Committee members and other parents and this will enable you to spend as much time as possible in settling your child back into training. Here is the link to access the Registration Form to download along with our Club Code of Conduct:  https://wellandjuniorfc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/02_registration-v3-20202021.pdf. Any parents who have already filled in a registration form via an online link, we encourage you to please find and print out the PDF version of the form which you should have received in response and bring this with you.

     We have kept “initial” Registration fees at last year’s prices.  £50 for one child, £70 for more than one child.  This will be available up to October Half Term Holiday.  After this time Registration fees will increase to £60 for 1 child, £90 for 2 children and £100 for 3 or more children.  If your child is new to Welland, they will be entitled to 2 free sessions.

    We would encourage cash or cheques in a labelled (child’s full name and age training age group) envelope for payment of Registration fees but payment by Internet banking can be used if really required. If your child has a sibling who is already registered for one of our league teams, please print off the league pdf form and bring with you when you register your child.  If you need to pay your Registration Fees On-Line the account details are as follows:

    Account Name: Welland Junior FC; Account No: 71267809; Sort Code:  40-44-10.

    If paying by Internet Banking, please ensure provide your child’s Initials AND age group (e.g. JWu6s) which will enable us to identify your payment as easily as possible.

    The Kitchen & Refreshments  

    ! We will not be providing squash and biscuits at the end of training, therefore please ensure that you provide your child with a drink in his/her own drinks bottle, which can be left in a designated socially distanced area which the coaches will prepare.  If your child requires any medication which might be required during the training session (such as inhalers etc.) please bring them, in a clearly labelled tupperware box, for coaches to access if required. Please ensure any medication is included on the Club Registration Form and lead coaches are advised.

    We will be serving bacon sandwiches and hot drinks during the morning and will be wearing face masks and protective gloves and aprons. ! Where possible, please bring the correct change for any food/drink purchases made. 

    We have decided to increase the price of our bacon sandwiches to £2 this year, we are keeping hot drinks at £1.  This increase will help to pay for PPI equipment such as hand sanitiser and masks etc and I am sure that you will agree that this is still great value for money.  We will be using gloves at all time and will provide wrapped biscuits for parents to enjoy with their hot drink.  We will also be using disposable drinks cups to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. Drinks will be prepared inside the kitchen where we will add milk and sugar if required. Likewise,  if you require any sauces with your sandwich then we will add them for you.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or use the following contacts.

    WJFC designated Club COVID officer – Jodie: 07795251417  

    WJFC Child Welfare Officers – Diane: 07890527307 & Ross Buxton

    Many thanks,

    WJFC Committee & Saturday Morning Development Coaches