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New Training Regulations

As you will be aware via our communication systems, Welland Junior FC (including men’s & ladies’ teams) have been undertaking the extensive task of preparing for the resumption of football training for all our junior league teams and adult football. We welcome the announcement and publication of the Government’s return to recreational sport framework which means we can look forward to the safe return of competitive football in the future and new football season, once The FA action plan to resume grassroots football and new guidance for the grassroots football community is published.

In the meantime, please continue to refer to the latest guidance documents for adult players, coaches, facility operators, parents and carers involved in restarting grassroots football activity –which came into effect from 4 July – until a further update is provided, in addition to the latest Government guidance on COVID-19

Welland Junior Football Club (WJFC) will strictly adhere to The FA guidance that can be found at: 

http://www.thefa.com/news/2020/jul/03/grassroots-football-covid-19-update-030720 where FA Guidance documents can be found for coaches and parents

WJFC now ready for all league teams to safely return to training Week Commencing 20th July, with each team being allocated (as best as possible) a day/time which they would ‘usually’ train during the season. Senior club members have completed venue and safeguarding risk assessments at the current venues, being Spitalfields, Welland Rec field and the left-hand side pitch at The Hill centre. We have the longer-term aim of training moving to MSJ sports and fitness centre for most teams during the summer period, to allow further rest time on grass pitches which still need to be maintained ahead of the new season starting.
Therefore, after reading the below and FA guidelines (thoroughly!) IF coaches are in a position where they wish to restart training with their teams over the next couple of weeks please make contact with the below club members to gain details on your allocated training day/time and further information:
Boys League Teams (u8s and above) – Kirsten Maunder: kirstenamaunder@gmail.com / text or WhatsApp on – 07769586872 
Girls League Teams (u9s and above) – Jodie Williams: 07795251417 
Please make sure contact is made with either Kirsten or Jodie if you wish to restart training by the start of each week e.g by Monday 20th if aiming to start next week. The club are aiming to closely monitor all training ‘activity’ and ensure that all coaches have the required supervision and resources available, therefore we must be made aware of your training re-start. Any team training that does take place over the upcoming weeks is totally voluntary and at the discretion of the individual team, FA qualified coaches to decide and are not compulsory for anyone, including players. Club or team training sessions must NOT be taken by willing unqualified parents, regardless of how eager they or other parents/players within individual teams may be to start. This also applies to age groups within the club where there are more than 2 teams (E.G ‘Colts’ players cannot join ‘Lions’ training sessions). Parents/players must understand that they are only to start training once their own FA team coach is ready to do so and has the required support from qualified assistant coaches and/or a FA DBS (CRC) parent helper available to meet coach-player ratio numbers – 1 coach or FA DBS checked parent helper per 5 players.

Please be reminded, if an individual is symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you’re classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the clear guidance is that you should remain at home.

To protect our coaches, players and parents the following practices MUST please be followed:

Equipment & First Aid 

  • Sharing of any equipment MUST be avoided and strong hand hygiene practices should be in place before and after each training session
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at a specified ‘station’ at each of our training venues and must be used prior to participating in training
  • All equipment to be wiped down prior and after each training session by coaches – antibacterial wipes will be provided for each team prior to first training sessions
  • Where possible each player has their ‘own’ football to use during the full practice – provided by coaches
  • ALL first aid kits must be checked and restocked! 
  • Should first aid be required coaches will advise parents to attend to their own child thus avoiding any unnecessary contact from outside the family unit/bubble
  • Any medication which a player requires must be kept in their own labelled clear tupper-wear box (or similar) in a visible area by the kit OR with present parent/carer who should be in the training vicinity 
  • All players must bring their own pre-filled drinks bottle and not be encouraged to ‘share’ in any circumstance 

Training Session Requirements 

WJFC FA Qualified coaches can now undertake small group sessions up to six people (including the coach) but are reminded to follow FA safeguarding policy and requirements when coaching/working with children: 

  • Sessions are not compulsory
  • All players attending your training sessions MUST be ‘signed on’ with the club for this new season (online form 2020-21) so they are covered by club insurance
  • There will be NO charge for training over the next few weeks (July) further updates regarding any fees etc will be shared prior to the end of the month
  • All session will adhere to FA and social distance guidelines (ideally players reaming 2m apart)
  • Each squad will need at least one FA qualified coach for each training session with ALL parents remaining ‘on hand’ at training venues
  • Ratios are on a basis of 1 coach AND/OR FA DBS parent helper per 5 players HOWEVER no training is to take place if FA qualified Coach is unavailable, for clarity lead coach can start the session with 5 players, with FA DBS parent helper over-seeing another 5 players at the same time and vicinity
  • No sessions can be taken solely by a parent helper/non-qualified coach
  • Support and ideas for safe and fun training session planning can be found here: http://www.thefa.com/learning/coaching
Logistics for training & Resources 
  • Physical contact with anyone outside of your household is not permitted, therefore playing of any games (small-sided or full) is also not permitted at this time and ‘house to house’ lift sharing is not encouraged
  • Car parking with visibility to pitches will be available at both venues we will be currently utilising for parent/carers to remain present
  • There will be access to cleaned toilets at both venues, however, please be mindful that if younger players need to utilise toilets facilities it MUST be their parent/carer accompanies them and we ask coaches and parent to be mindful that toilet facilities are left as clean as possible after use
  • Players should arrive/leave promptly to and from training sessions as well as coaches, ensuring that no players are left unattended or alone at any point
  • Sessions are to be no more than 60 minutes long
  • There must be a gap of 15 minutes between training slots, which has been allocated within our play, to allow the area to be cleared and equipment to be cleaned before the next team/s arrive
  • Each venue will have a ‘hand sanitiser station’ which all coaches and players are required to use on arrival and at the end of the session. We ask where possible that a parent helper ‘over-sees’ the station for younger players
  • All team coaches will be given antibacterial wipes to utilise for their own kit start and end of the session, with advice that as little equipment is used as possible including bibs. However, if bibs are used please ensure players are not swapping bibs during the session and that all bibs are safely washed and sanitised as soon as possible
  • If coaches do require more kit to help restart training or 1st aid kit top-ups please advise Jodie or Dave Golding asap

Safeguarding & Inclusion 

  • Risk assessments for all venues have been carried out by senior members of the club and will be shared via email with team coaches prior to first training sessions starting
  • Player parents or carers MUST remain at the training venue, but no one other than players, coaches and volunteers are allowed to enter training facility/pitchside unless a player requires first aid treatment, medical attention or safeguarding issues
  • All parent/carers must agree to allow their own child to play once their own team training resumes and assure coaches that they will remain at the training venue if an incident occurs which they may be immediately required.
  • All players within teams must be given the fair and equal opportunity to train within ratio requirements, therefore coaches may have to consider splitting players into ‘weekly’ session groups, in accordance with our current training and logistical plan
  • Every team coach must, to the best of their ability, keep all associated with the team as included as possible, regardless as to if they and their family wish to / able to restart training or not – please remember that every family may differ on views and circumstances during this current time, so please be respectful of all decisions and consider how all players can remain feeling included and part of our club, even if not in a practical training format initially.
  • Any questions regarding safeguarding or Inclusion please speak to one of our Club Welfare Officers:
    Sally – sjwellandfc@outlook.com / 07949239500
    Dianne – dib0002@hotmail.co.uk / 07890527307
Questions & Saturday Morning Development Football 

If anyone has any questions or requires further advice on the above please get in touch with Jodie, Dave or Pete. 

We greatly appreciated everyone’s support to ensure the sustainability of our club over what has been a very difficult few months in various ways for many. We recognise and acknowledge that the above requirements are a lot to ask of volunteers managing our various league teams. Therefore, please remember that the club are in full support of its volunteer coach and parent helper decisions to restart training as and when they wish to. However, we do hope that the extensive volunteer hours and extra work completed by senior club members and committee will be rewarded by seeing all those connected to the club, most importantly the players ‘back on the grass’ enjoying football in the safest environment possible in the not too distant future.

Further updates regarding the re-start of ‘Saturday Morning Development’ sessions at Spitalfields for younger players u5/u6/u7 groups along with ‘Merv & Andys development teams’ PLUS our Thursday evening FA Girls Wildcats Center sessions will be shared later in the summer. 

Football Guidance for Managers

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Football Guidance for Parents & Carers

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